Monday, November 27, 2017

What Does It Mean to Be a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

Navigating the real estate market is complicated enough, but it can sometimes be especially difficult for seniors. Many times as people age, they are faced with issues such as the accessibility of their home, maintenance, and whether they can afford to move within their budget. A Senior Real Estate Specialist can help make sense of all these questions.

What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist? 

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A Senior Real Estate Specialist is a REALTOR® who has undergone specialized training that enables them to assist the elderly in making decisions about buying, or selling their home. Senior Real Estate Specialists are trained to provide a certain level of service and support to their clients. They often work with estate planners, lawyers and accountants to help create a real estate solution that is beneficial to each client. Other training involves understanding the generational demographics and the 50+ real estate market.

What does a Senior Real Estate Specialist do?

Depending on the wishes of the client, the Senior Real Estate Specialist will take a personalized approach to help them make the most of their golden years. For instance, if a person wishes to remain in his or her home, the REALTOR® can recommend advisors on reverse mortgages. They can also make recommendations on services in order to make the home more accessible to fit any present or future health concerns.

A Senior Real Estate Specialist will also be able to recommend any private or government programs that may provide financial assistance to the client. If the individual decides to sell the home, the REALTOR® can also suggest senior communities in the area, and help get the house ready to go on the market.

For anyone who is age 50 and up, and is looking for a REALTOR® in the Belleville, ON area, Terry Hope-Watson is an experienced Senior Real Estate Specialist. Call her today at (613)242-3750 to set up a consultation. You can also contact her through her website.

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